The Many Different Kinds of Celtic Jewelry

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Few types of jewelry have been so popular for so long as that of the Celtic tradition. In the ancient times, the Celts created symbols that would one day be used by all sorts of people in many different places. Tattoos, borders on websites and of course jewelry can all feature Celtic designs. In this article we’ll look at some of the things about Celtic jewelry that have made it so loved throughout the years.
Celtic jewelry has been round for many centuries, so by wearing it you’re getting into the very old tradition. The early Christian era was when the Celts began to create jewelry with silver and gold, and these days you can see examples of their work in museums. A number of Celtic designs were memorialized by Irish monks in famous books, like the Book of Kells which has a home in the Trinity College, Ireland. Old designs that were used many years ago, like the Celtic knotwork, spirals and zoomorphic designs, can be seen in Celtic jewelry that can be purchased for very little these days. Many people acknowledge the very long history of these designs, and others simply like how they look.

Celtic style jewelry is often interesting enough on its own, but sometimes stones are used to create a more decorative effect. As you might guess, one of the most popular stones for Irish jewelry is the emerald. An emerald adds the perfect touch to a Celtic style ring, brooch or necklace. You can find other green stones that also go well with Celtic jewelry, such as green tourmaline, if emeralds don’t fit your budget. Of course, you can choose stones of other colors as well, and Celtic jewelry made with sapphires, rubies, opal and many other stones can look great as well.

Nowadays it isn’t difficult to find places that sell Celtic jewelry. A simple online search will reveal thousands of choices, from sites specializing in this type of jewelry to huge retail or auction sites like Amazon and Ebay. Just like with any shopping online, check the reputation of the seller. However if you want to go down the traditional route you should try and look for genuine jewelry makers from Celtic countries, who are more likely to sell their items on the web these days. If you have the chance to visit a Celtic country, of course, you can browse in the many shops that sell jewelry. You’ll be able to find some Celtic inspired jewelry as well as various other items at a Renaissance fair, or a craft and jewelry show.

If you appreciate the uniqueness of Celtic jewelry, you have lots of company. Celtic jewelry of all kinds, from rings to earrings to bracelets, is readily available today. With so many people selling it, this gives you the ability to be selective, as some of it is naturally better than others. Be forewarned that once you develop an interest in Celtic jewelry, you may have trouble resisting the impulse to keep buying it.